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Natalie Peri has always wanted to be an actress, model, and singer from early childhood, and began acting and singing in school plays at the age of 13. Natalie attended the Performing Arts High School in New York and then later attended New York's HB Studios where she received professional training in the performing arts. Natalie progressed to Community Theater and began to perfect her skills by working in Off-Broadway plays, Movies, and Television. She continued to fulfill her goals by becoming a professional model and was chosen to be a billboard model for Crunch Fitness and a Cover Girl in Style Magazine. Natalie's music career began working professionally for five years performing for large parties and major events in over 2000 shows over Long Island, New York as part of the highly-popular duo-team called Rockin' Robin, where she gained experience singing favorites of 50s, 60s, 70s, and later periods.

Natalie recently worked as an actress filming "Psych Ruins," "Sabonia," and in an action film titled "The Streetz," where she played the role of Pink, a leader of a car-jacking gang. Natalie just finished filming "The Rite to Live," and is in negotiations to film a horror film that she wrote herself titled "Jessica Lives," where she plays the role of Jessica who seeks revenge after being a victim of a vicious attack where her boyfriend was killed and she was left for dead.

Natalie will soon be filming "Last Rite Vampire Hunter," "Cruise," a horror film titled "Garroter," and a web series titled "Restless Asleep," a suspense thriller where she will play the role of a cop with empathic psychic abilities. Natalie has been cast as Katt McCall in a Western TV series titled "Big Sky" which is scheduled to film later in 2016 or early 2017. She recently finished two feature films titled "Prince of Bollywood," and a must-see film titled "Shine," a brilliant action-packed Latino Salsa Dance film set in the 70s and 80s, a story of music, dancing, love, betrayal, sorrow, and forgiveness.

Natalie has been interviewed on numerous TV and Radio talk shows, and was recently co-host on the Vic Terno Cable Midnight Show. Through her interviews and social media presence, Natalie had a large following of over 7000 fans who are eagerly awaiting notice of her next film, television show, or music production. On Valentines' Day 2016, Natalie was interviewed via live-stream on a Chicago radio show.

Natalie's music career is progressing with her release of her first CD containing her own magnificent songs including "True Love," and a heart-warming military song titled "Waiting." Natalie was recently in a Music Video project with Aron Hanson titled "Everyone." She will soon be filming her own music video, and will be performing in a singing project with the noted recording artist Sergio KA.

Natalie's goal in life is to become the best performer possible. She wants to help and provide for her family, friends, and charities. She feels that she has lots of talent and love to give to the world. Natalie plans to work harder and harder to achieve her goal to become an Icon and have her own production company.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: Charles C. Brooks

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By Sandra Castillo

Ever since she was a little girl, Natalie Peri always knew, in the depth of her heart, that she wanted to be an actress, a model and singer. Of course, so many children dream of doing these things before life has yet to fully unfold and the reality of such rigors and the discipline it takes to achieve such goals is light years away from the one with a million stars in her eyes...

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